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Forex TRAINING rooms 2021

”Get Rich Slowly” Forex Video Course  2021

These sessions were recorded in 2021 and represent the latest approach that I make to Forex trading. The videos are strictly for customer that have purchased the course. Sharing or distributing them is prohibited. Unauthorised viewing is detected.


If there are any significant updates in how the markets are behaving, and if this requires any changes to the way we should trade Forex, then I will record videos and add them to this course. You will get those updates for FREE. I will send you an email with the password to the video updates when they happen.

Annual Course Recordings

As a paying customer you will receive ALL the training courses that I run. I completely re-record the training every year, to reflect what is happening in the markets. You will get all these annual courses for FREE for as long as I am doing this. I will send you an email each year with the link to the training page and of course the passwords to the videos.

Forex training room 1


Forex training room 2


Forex training room 3


Forex training room 4


Forex training room 5

Forex training room 6

Forex training room 7

Follow up video 1

Follow up video 2

Follow up video 3

Forex training room 8

Forex training room 9

The following videos are a free webinar that I ran in March 2021 and some follow up videos relevant to that webinar, all recorded in the same week. Some analysts called it the ”mad markets” week. There is content in these videos that discusses ATR and stop loss / profit target calculations that are very useful so I am including all the videos in this training program. As they were free at the time there are no passwords required for them.

Forex training room 10


Forex training room 11


Forex training room 12


Forex training room 13


Forex training room 14


Forex training room 15


Forex training room 16

Forex training room 17

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