Free Apollo Currency Strength Meter

Below are three videos that I ask you to watch.

Video 1 is the most important of the three to watch.

Once you have watched video 1 you can download the indicator from the yellow link at the bottom.

You can also watch my latest Forex trading tips video which is about how NOT to use a currency strength meter on this page here:

Forex trading tips page

When you have the chance please watch some of the other videos on the website.

I have created a lot of useful content that I believe will interest any trader that wants to have more control over their results.


Mark Boardman

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Apollo File Download

Once you have watched at least video 1 above you can click this link to download the Apollo EX4 file. 

Enjoy it. It will be your friend for years to come.


Mark Boardman

Click on this yellow link:

Apollo Download File