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I am sorry to see you go


You may be un-subscribing because you have decided to sign up to one of the longer term subscription plans. If so, that’s great and I will see you in the next trading room.

However, if you are leaving then I would like to thank you for being a subscriber….and I do hope you learned something useful from the experience.

My goal with the trading room is to ensure that my subscribers leave me as better traders than they were when they joined.

May I ask you a question?….are you now a better trader than you were when you joined?

I would love to get a couple of lines of feedback from you about your experience with me and your reasons for leaving.

I want to improve my trading rooms so any constructive feedback is welcome…but I am also keen to know what you liked about the rooms and in particular what you learned. So if you could spend a couple of minutes letting me know I would be very grateful.

Please e mail me at:


Thanks again for being a subscriber. I really do appreciate it.

Take care and good luck.




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