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Set & Forget FREE version

Thanks for entering your email to get the first 8 chapters of my book for FREE.

Please note that although I wrote this book many years ago, I still use the Set& Forget system today in 2022. The system has never let me down.

When I wrote the book back in 2013 I traded differently than I do today. The difference today is that I have learned that knowledge always trumps technical analysis, so I only ever look at Support & Resistance from a technical point of view. I no longer use any other indicators.

I do have a Currency Strength Meter called Apollo but this is not used in any technical way. You can find out more about how I use it in a video on my website.

Finally, please note that my tried and trusted Catalyst Trading System, which I started using a few years ago, can been seen and tracked on my NEW YouTube channel ( not the channel mentioned in the book).

The new YouTube channel is called Stress Free Forex Trading. You will find it here

Stress Free Forex Trading YouTube channel

Now….to get the PDF of my Set & Forget book FREE version click on this secure Dropbox link and then download the book.

The link is password protected. The current password is CASPER

Set & Forget FREE version download

If you have any questions you can email me at mark@forextradermark.com


Mark Boardman


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