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Please note that my two indicators cannot be purchased, but they are FREE with any one of my services, detailed below.

I have two services. Here are the details of them and how much they cost:

  • Twice weekly Forex trading rooms. 

Please watch the 30 minute video on the Trading Rooms page for much more detail about this service.

Twice per week I run a 30-45 minute live trading room. I run them at times when we are likely to see a move in the markets. The purpose of the rooms is to show my customers exactly how I analyse the markets, and by doing the analysis LIVE they get to see and hear my thoughts on which currencies are tradeable and, crucially, WHY they are tradeable.

Please note that whilst some of my customers attend most of my trading rooms, and copy my trades, which I am all in favor of, the majority of my customers cannot attend the trading rooms live, but they watch the video recordings of the trading rooms, which I send out every weekend. By watching the trading room videos they are getting a very detailed view of my opinion on what is happening in the markets and what is tradeable.

The trading rooms are fun to do and I have been running them since 2013, however they are a hobby for me. I spend no more than 3 hours per week on this wonderful hobby, but I would never want it to feel like and job. Consequently I limit the number of customers to make it manageable so that I can answer emails without going over that 3 hour mark.

Most of my customers have become independently profitable and do not need my trading rooms to help them make money. However they still subscribe. Many have been subscribing for 4 or 5 years. From the communications I have with them I have learned that they feel more confident when they hear my analysis. I think what happens is that when they hear my analysis, and my conclusions are the same as theirs, they feel better.

It also shows that they are making lots of profit because they would not continue to pay me month in month out if they were not. That is the best indication I can ever get that my trading rooms add value, even to experienced traders.

The cost to be a trading room subscriber is $77 per month.

I have Googled ”Forex trading rooms” and there are cheaper offers out there for sure, but I believe that at $77 you won’t find a more informative and enlightening market commentary. There is very little technical analysis in my rooms. I don’t use indicators. I spend 30 to 45 minutes in each room giving a very detailed analysis of ALL the markets. I tell you about the stock market, the bond market, the oil market, geopolitical developments, and of course the economic news releases. All this then leads to a currency trade decision. So you get to see the ”clear and obvious” opportunities and WHY they are clear and obvious.

Crucially, you also learn when NOT to trade. Almost half of the trading rooms result in NO trade, even if there are big moves in the currencies.

This is why I believe that my trading room service is unparalleled. To my knowledge other trading rooms are all about making quick pips, mainly day trading or ”scalping”. I do NOT do that. My way of trading is not easy and it requires a lot of knowledge, but it is relaxing and stress free because there is rarely a rush to trade. You can take on board what the markets are doing and then place a trade when the time is right, which gives you ”opportunity windows” of hours, not minutes. 

When you become a trading room subscriber you get both of my indicators for FREE.

So, if you are interested in becoming one of my trading room subscribers please email me. Click this blue link to send me an email.

and I will let you know within 48 hours if there is a place available.

I occasionally run a FREE trading room. Please check out my Home page to see if there is one coming up.

Now let’s look at my other service:

  • 50 hour Forex video training course

Please watch the 50 minute video on the Forex Course page for much more detail about this service.

I have also written and extensive list of the subjects covered in what I believe is a record breaking Forex course on the Forex Course page.

This video training course will teach you EVERYTHING  about the Forex market, the bond markets, and the stock markets.

Yes, it is long at 50 hours, but it is timeless. 80% of what you learn in the training will last you a lifetime, and will never go out of date, and the other 20% will still be good until we get very low inflation, which I predict will be early 2026.

Recording this course is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It took 4 months, and there are literally hundreds of points discussed in it. All the recordings were done LIVE in the markets, with some of my customers present. So there are times when my customers are asking me questions, and there are plenty of times when we look at trading opportunities.

I place a live trade at least once for every type of trading strategy that I use, so you can see exactly how they work. There are no slides in the training( apart from the first video that goes through what content there is in each of the 33 videos.) I use the charts and website pages to discuss everything. You will NOT feel like you are in a classroom.

I have two goals with this training:

  1. To make sure that you do not lose money.

The title of the training course is Forex Trading Profit GUARANTEED. I can make that guarantee because if you follow my instructions I can absolutely guarantee that you make some profit. How much profit you can make I will come on to shortly.

I believe that there are two stages to becoming a consistently profitable Forex traders. Stage one is making sure that you do not lose money. You achieve this by using my simple mathematical approach to setting your stop loss and profit targets. This will ensure that you break even at the very least. The second stage is then making profit, modestly at first, but then improving on that every year. I guarantee that you will make profit trading in this way. I cannot guarantee how much profit, but I can guarantee that you will not lose, and you will make some money…which is the second stage.

   2. To make sure that you make profit EVERY year

I am going to be frank with you now. Becoming a consistently profitable Forex trader is not easy, and takes time. You need to set modest goals for your first year. Even if you have been trading for many years, if you want to snap out of the technical trading approach, and learn how to trade with market knowledge, then you need to reset the clock and aim for modest profit in year 1.

Once you have got year 1 under your belt, how much of an improvement you then make year after year will depend on your knowledge development, and your risk management strategy. Your knowledge development will absolutely increase and if you choose to up your risk management profile from a very low base in year 1 you can make substantial increases in profit in year 2 and beyond.

The reason my course lasts 50 hours is because the markets are complex. Politics is complex, economics is complex, and the way the markets react to events is complex. That amount of complexity cannot be learned overnight.

Now…to the price.

I toiled over what price to charge for the course. I am not aware of a more comprehensive Forex course in the world (please let me know if there is one.) When I Googled Forex courses I found lots of variation. Many websites have a lot of free resources, which are good but they are resources that anyone can find for free with astute use of the internet.

The courses that I did find that looked comprehensive charge thousands of dollars, and are probably worth it.

I want to price my course at a lot LOWER level than those courses I found in my research and I also want a price that is a no brainer for the right type of trader.

So what do I mean by the right type of trader?

Well, consider that even after watching 50 hours of content you will then still have to spend 30 to 45 minutes per day, 5 days a week, to implement what I have taught you, then you need to decide how much your time is worth. Let’s say that you spend 3 hours per week reading the articles that I tell you to read. Ask yourself, what financial return do you want for that time? If you only have a very small account then you will not achieve that return. So depending on the return you require, then your starting capital needs to be substantial enough to pay you for your time.

The million dollar question is what percentage can you expect to earn trading my way. My answer is as follows:

With a 1% risk on each trade ( very low risk) and 2 to 4 traders per week, the return will be up to 30%. I say up to 30% because as I have already mentioned, I can guarantee that you will make profit, but it will depend on your skill level as to how much you make, and you should always aim low in year 1, and take very low risk.

In year 2, as you get better at market analysis you can up that percentage, and if you raise your risk per trade to 1.5% then add another half to the figure, so realistically you could achieve well over 50%.

I will be blunt now. If those figures for years 1 and 2, do not sound high enough for you, then my way of trading is definitely not for you. That is OK. My way of trading is not for everyone.

However, if those figures sound good, then you can work out how much starting capital you need to make a decent return for your time spent( say 3 hours per week.)

I have decided to price my course at a level that means you will make a lot more money in year 1 than the cost of the course, provided that you have enough capital. You may decide to demo trade in year 1( which is a good idea in my opinion) in which case you will more than make the cost back in year 2, and beyond that the course will pay for itself a hundred times over.

I don’t want to under value the course, as it is the most comprehensive Forex course, as far as I am aware, on the planet, but I also don’t want to price it in the thousands of dollars….so….drum roll please……the price of the course is……… $597.

That is $12 per hour of training. It has taken me over 10 years to attain the knowledge that I use to teach you, so I am very pleased to offer the course at a price that is affordable for any serious trader.

The course comes with a full money back guarantee. I am confident that it is the ONLY comprehensive Forex trading course with such a guarantee.

NOTE that you also get two BONUS videos about how to choose the correct Forex broker. There is a 3 hour comprehensive deep dive into the Forex broker marketplace. It is as important as the 50 hours of training because all the knowledge in the world cannot help a trader that picks the wrong Forex broker.

In addition you also get my two indicators for FREE.

Payments are taken via PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to pay as PayPal.

Click below to purchase, and let me remind you that you get a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


Forex 50 hour video training program for $597



Once you have purchased through PayPal give me 24 hours and I will be in touch with everything that you need to get going with the program.


Mark Boardman

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