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Testimonials from my customers

I asked my customers to give me a testimonial that I can use on my website. I asked them only to give a testimonial if they are happy to divulge their full name and location, so that people reading the testimonial can verify that they are a real person. Below are the customers that were happy to do that. I thank every one of them.

Here are the testimonials:

I’ve been a subscriber to Mark’s service for 4 years and I honestly believe that his legacy will be as the worlds greatest forex tutor….if you would like any more details , please email me at jrebs@live.com

John Roberts 


United Kingdom

I am a huge fan of the Catalyst trading system.

I was a professional trader for 25 years, from 1990 until 2015 when I retired, initially as a prop trader for the big banks and ending up by running my own hedge fund in Switzerland. Throughout my career, I traded mostly equities, convertibles and derivatives, all of which were subject to large cyclical swings both in the markets and P&L. When I retired, what I wanted was a system that I would enjoy trading, believed in, and that would generate a consistent income through both bull and bear markets.

I believe I have found that with the Catalyst system. So far, after 100 trades the results have been promising. I am taking roughly one trade a day, with a current success rate of 45% and a 2:1 risk reward ratio. As this is my first 100 trades and I am becoming more skilled at using the system I fully expect these results to improve. However, if I simply replicate what I have achieved so far, based on a 2% risk per trade this will give me a return of around 170% over a year, which I will be very happy with.

I particularly like the fact the we are looking for large moves and then identifying the cause. Assuming there is a roughly 50% chance the trend will continue, because the move is large, we can move out the RR to 2:1, which gives plenty of room to play with. Having a catalyst and going with the hourly trend means I am comfortable that even if it is taking time to play out, I have the odds in my favour, which gives me a slight edge.


Paul Meadows


United Kingdom

Mark is not your ordinary FOREX system seller/trainer.  First of all, he’s a real, successful TRADER (not just someone who claims to be) who decided to give back by sharing his insights and trading strategies.  Secondly, he tells it like it REALLY is, never promising a get-rich quick solution. What he does show is that if you do your due diligence in listening, actively learning, build a trading plan that “follows the numbers” he describes for risk and trade management, and practice, practice, practice, it’s entirely possible to achieve 100% returns in FOREX.

His trading room record (with 5+ years of video evidence) proves he’s the “real deal” and that his systems work.  If you’re willing to do the hard work, I’m confident you too can become part of the 10% Club that actually makes money trading by listening to and following Mark’s advice and guidance.

Mike Hanke



Hi Mark,

I hope you’re well.

I’m actually going to write 2 separate testimonials for both systems and for you as an educator (as often my friends ask about my trading strategy and I find myself complimenting the system and you as a teacher). Apologies if they’re long – it’s testament to your systems.

Mark Boardman:

From the moment I subscribed to Mark, I knew I could trust Mark. Why? Because Mark is an incredibly honest person. In the world where websites and social media sell you ”Get rich quick” schemes with absolutely no knowledge or backing, Mark has the proof to validate his method and knowledge. The fact that his trading rooms are live prove that. But it’s not just the live trading rooms, Mark often educates not just about his system, but a whole host of other essential aspects of trading – psychology of trading, money management, testing the system, expectations of trading profits etc. The beauty of the way Mark educates is that he does it real-time in a live room. I’ve been using both of Mark’s systems and I’m a consistently profitable trader. Yet, I am still a subscriber and I watch Mark’s videos religiously, as Mark (with many years of consistently trading profitability) throws gems into his rooms that make me a better trader. If you want a “Get rich quick” scheme, keep looking online (and lose your money). If you want to be a consistently profitable trader month in month out, trade with Mark.

Forex Trading Systems:

Mark’s Set and Forget system is ideal for those who want to trade stress free. You literally set the trade, forget about it and rely on your system as well as mathematics to make you a profit. The beauty of this system is that it’s designed for those who don’t want to stare in front of a computer all day. I trade for an hour to an hour and a half a day, and make consistent profits. This system fits in my busy schedule as I can trade any time of the day, and 1 session takes me no longer than 30 minutes.

Mark’s Catalyst system (his newest system) is perfect for events (planned and unplanned) that move the market rapidly. Having been a subscriber of the new system for a number of months, I am using this system to trade profitability and consistently. Just like the Set and Forget system, it is based on logic to find the best currency pair to trade. Although this system requires you to be more disciplined with when you trade, it is still a stress free system. It does take longer to learn than the Set and Forget system (due to the number of nuances). However, it is also an extremely profitable system.

Best regards,

Sameh Eskander


 United Kingdom


I really like the new Catalyst trading system. It certainly provides more opportunities to trade and, in my opinion, reduces the time required to spot an opportunity, the best pair to trade and ensure that the chosen one satisfies all criteria of this system. This is very important for me as it provides more opportunities to trade after work.

I also like the system as it involves just a little bit of reading short articles, explaining why a catalyst occurred. It is a lot easier to trade when you know why a currency moves significantly up or down. I always thought that just a little bit of fundamental analysis would not hurt and here it is!

Alex Averin



Mark has been trading for many years and has been profitable for most of those years. He has a provable system based on logic and mathematics with trades demonstrated live in his weekly sessions. I have had the pleasure of being a client of Marks for over 5 years and whilst I’ve been trading for well over 15 years it is only through Marks methods that I have found a system that can consistently make decent returns, so long as you follow the system to the letter and deal with the psychology of trading, and Mark covers not only the system but also the psychology.

Expect no quarter from Mark, he tells it like it is, the reality of trading in the Forex market, often challenging his traders during his sessions. Be warned this is not a get rich quick scheme others might try to sell you. He covers the spectrum of trading including ‘’Swing’’ trading and now an even more impressive system, the Catalyst system, which generates more weekly and more profitable opportunities to trade due to lower timeframes.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive and reputable trading coach and a provable method of trading, then look no further that Mark Boardman. Oh… and throw away all those trading books you’ve acquired over the years, you won’t need them.

Best Regards

Dave Glynn


United Kingdom

I have always struggled to be consistently profitable but  the Catalyst system has helped me to achieve just that. I’ve been using it for 3 months now and my track record proves that it works!

The Catalyst is a serious trading system with structure and method – you don’t need to spend loads of money on expensive indicators to use it – and it fits well in my trade plan, providing plenty of opportunities to trade. I’m very confident that I will continue to use it in my trading with great results.


Pedro Amaro



I’m really enjoying using the Catalyst system. For me it’s the perfect balance between fundamental and technical analysis and suits my trading personality. Having previously struggled with ‘under-Trading’ I’ve found that this system has given me the confidence to take trades that I might otherwise have avoided due to my risk aversion.

I would also like to add that the system is relatively easy to grasp, not least because of Mark’s ability to explain clearly and logically each of the steps required for chart analysis and to discuss in layman terms market sentiment and fundamentals.

It’s early days but so far my results using Mark’s Catalyst system have been encouraging and I’d certainly recommend it to both novices or more experienced traders looking to improve their chances in the competitive world of Forex.


Rupert Dowman


United Kingdom

Mark Boardman is one of the best educators on Forex. He explains what makes the currencies move, and how you can find this information. This is a great help in your decision making when placing a trade. 

George Noble


United Kingdom

I’ve been a subscriber to Mark’s swing trading room for some time and joined his Catalyst Trading rooms recently. He teaches a simple 4 step method to identify trades, using support and resistance as well as currency strength, selecting a strong currency against a weak currency. He emphasizes the benefit and necessity of actively scanning for and reading enough Forex news to get an understanding of the fundamentals and why certain currencies are strong while others are weak. This helps in the selection of currency pairs to trade and gives the trader more confidence in his selections. Mark teaches with integrity. He paints a very realistic picture of what traders can expect as far as his profit and loss are concerned. He emphasizes that learning to trade is hard work, but the result can be rewarding. The Swing Trading method can be applied at any time, while the Catalyst Trading method takes advantage of news, reports and other events that make the Forex market move in order to select trades. Using these two methods, a trader can generate as many trades as he desires. His trading rooms are very reasonably priced, and Mark is a very good teacher. I am staying with his trading rooms.

Herbert Lee



As someone who tends to suffer from ‘analysis-to-paralysis’ I have to say the Catalyst System is a revelation. To start your analysis with one half of the trade pair quickly chosen using a rational and verifiable method is very liberating. I love the system and the supportive, friendly way Mark teaches it.

Chris Rawlings


United Kingdom

Hello Mark

Thanks for introducing me to the Catalyst Trading System. I’d usually avoided trading around news before but following real world events which act as the impetus for price movement is proving to be a profitable method. Also, being aware of the backdrop to changes in sentiment is so helpful with the swing system, and trading generally. I’ve certainly benefited from this and can say that I invariably learn something new in your trading rooms. The Catalyst system is highly recommended.

Best regards

Allan Thomas


 United Kingdom

Mark has a unique and honest approach to Forex trading. He combines technical and fundamental analysis in a good way, that gives a good understanding and method to navigate the Forex market.   Mark has run his Forex trading rooms for several years. He is a skilled teacher and has over the years adapted and evolved the way he translates his message. He teaches in a way that in my opinion would suit new traders and experienced traders.

Mark uses two systems. The Swing trading system and the Catalyst trading system. There are some common parts of the two, but I feel that the Catalyst system is an easier way to start off if your approaches that have been made so far have not worked out. It is a relatively easy system to learn, and it offers numerous setups throughout the week.

Mark has changed the way I trade and behave, and I am now trading in a much more efficient way in the markets.

Christian Sandven



The Catalyst System has helped me to become a more relaxed and confident trader. I can plan the times when I trade by following key economic data, great for time poor retail traders. The system gives me more confidence in my trades by knowing why a move in the market has occurred and using the thinking that I only need 4 out of 10 trades to win to make profit. To all my fellow traders out there, I implore you to give it a go. We all know trading is not easy and requires resilience and effort, but Mr Boardman teaches the Catalyst System with a relaxed knowledgeable style in a easy to follow format. Listen, learn, practice and give yourself the best possible chance of becoming a profitable trader.

John McCausland

Alexandra Hill



Mark Boardman has successfully run a Forex swing-trading room for several years. Now he has applied his Forex skills to a day-trading method combining fundamental and technical analysis called the Catalyst Trading System. The simple underlying concept behind this system is trading currency strength against weakness. Its application involves interesting nuances which will take time to master. What makes this system worth studying is that it actually works. It makes money and I can thoroughly recommend it. I also apply this recommendation to the expertise of Mark as a great “no nonsense” teacher who runs a stimulating trading room.

Robert Pardoe


United Kingdom


Mark, I would like to thank you for offering to teach us your ever-developing Catalyst system with weekly live trading rooms demonstrating the different nuances that affect making good trade decisions on the Forex Market.

To us struggling retail traders, who over the years have tried many well-known trading educators & trading systems with limited success, your proven mathematically based approach is refreshingly straightforward.

Your unique logical and fundamental trading method towards capturing high probability trades without having to watch the market continuously is a real breakthrough for me (I was previously a continuous chart watcher & big over-trader).

As a fellow retail trader, you are very aware of your students’ progress and patiently correct them when they go off track.

I believe that by fully adopting the Catalyst method I will achieve the regular profitability I have sought for so long.

Your clear and precise no-fluff delivery of the essential factors governing market moves instils real confidence in us students.

I am looking forward to becoming one of the 10%ers and teaching my own son how to trade. Thanks again.

P.S. Forgot to say how great the CATALYST method is at eliminating poor trade choices and homing in on the very best possible trades to take.

Harold Bown


United Kongdom


Mark’s attention to detail, and ability to impart information, along with his skill in interpreting the charts has put me on the right path to successful trading. Thanks Mark!

Dave Spratt

Palmerston North

New Zealand


The Catalyst Trading System developed by Mark brings together several elements used within both his existing system and those of others, namely support and resistance, Set & Forget and currency strength with the identification and exploitation of market movements formed by catalysts.

The system has enabled me to trade with more certainty as the reason for market movements are clearer and the use of 2 to 1 profit and loss targets which require a lower percentage of wins to make a profit. This has made it easier for me to take trades without worrying about the outcomes.  The result is that I am now truly setting and forgetting my trades.

Alan Hawkesworth

St. Albans

United Kingdom


The Catalyst system puts a sound structure around FX trading.

It has an approach that allows you to logically set entry, take profit and stop loss, within a framework that is repeatable. It also indicates when no trade may exist. From my experience it is insightful in its approach to FX markets. The system has a structure and a method. Highly regarded from my perspective. Well worth traders exploring what the system has to offer.

Pete Bryden



I was a complete beginner at Forex trading a few months ago and have been taught to trade the Catalyst system by Mark during the last few months. Mark is a great teacher. He has an easy manner and explains Forex and his system in a way that is easily understood even by a complete novice.

The catalyst system has provided me with several trading opportunities each week, it is flexible and has fitted around my current employment. I am still learning but am profitable in my demo account.  I love the videos and live trading rooms and learn something new every time I watch them.   I would certainly recommend this system to new and experienced traders.

Kind regards

Andrea Wood


 United Kingdom