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Hi and thanks for subscribing to my Forex trading rooms service where you get access to two live Forex trading rooms and the videos recordings of the rooms which you get every weekend.

Most of my customers do not come to the live trading rooms. So most watch the videos at their leisure. The main goal of my trading rooms is to give you my opinion of where the markets are currently and where they might be headed in the near future, so that you can make better trading decisions on a weekly and monthly basis.

Please give me 24-48 hours. I will be in touch soon with links to the next set of trading rooms. This depends on which day of the week you have subscribed. Most of the rooms are on Wednesday and Thursday as this is when the majority of significant U.S economic data is released.

So, if you have subscribed on a Friday for example, you wont het the links for the next rooms until the following Monday, which is when I send the links out each week.

If you happen to subscribe on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, your ”month” will start on the following week so that you get a full month of rooms for your subscription. So in this case you will also get the links on the following Monday.

So….please hand on now until the upcoming Monday and you will get the links to the next set of trading rooms.

Thanks again for subscribing. I look forward to helping you on your trading journey.

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Mark Boardman